List of Equations and Formulas

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Wow, time flies so fast and it is hard to believe that we are now entering the third week of SPM. So, the time has come for students to answer the pure sciences paper like physics, biology and chemistry. I’m sure that next week going to be one of the hardest weeks for students and students will try their best to get excellent results for those ‘killer’ paper. Right?


To help you with your revision, here I share with you list of equations and formulas that will help you to answer paper 1. Just like add maths/maths, to memorize those formulas you going to need a lot of practice. I hope this handout will help you with it.

Click the following link to download the handout. All the best !!!



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2016 Trial Paper

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone,

Here is the link for the latest trial exam paper that I have. It’s from Perlis, SBP and MRSM.

Please click on the following link to downloadall the paper.

I hope it will help you with your SPM preparation.

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Soalan Percubaan SPM 2016 – Kelantan

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Here is the latest trial paper collection and its from Kelantan

Click on the following to download.

credit to :


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MODUL PPD Pasir Gudang (2016)



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Please click the following links to download module prepared by Pejabat Pendidikan Daerah Pasir Gudang


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To all form 5 students, all the best for your trial examination


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Soalan Ulangkaji Bab 2 (Tingkatan 5)

Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera 🙂

It’s been awhile since I last posted something in this website. I’m so sorry about that. But fortunately I managed to prepare the Soalan Ulangkaji Bab 2 for form five students.

Soalan Ulangkaji Bab 2

You can download it through the following link.


I hope that this handouts will help you with your revision for this chapter 🙂


Tr. Rez


Soalan Ulangkaji Bab 1 Tingkatan 5

Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera 🙂

It’s almost March now and I am sure that most of you are busy doing revision for your first exam / test for this year.

So to help you with your revision, I’ve prepared some revision question for you.

But for the time being I only manage to do for Chapter 1 (Form 5)

Soalan Ulangkaji Bab 1 Tingkatan 5

Please download it at the following link.

Soalan Ulangkaji Bab 1 Tingkatan 5

I will try to prepare for form 4 and will share it once it’s ready.


Tr. Rez