Target Akhir Bio SPM 2015

Assalamualaikum and hello everybody.

Here is last minute revision that you can refer to. It is for Paper 2 and was prepared by teachers from MRSM Kubang Pasu.


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Analisis Topik Mengikut Dalam Peperiksaan Percubaan Biologi SPM 2015 (Kertas 2)

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Alhamdulillah, for Bio this we got three days gap. And at the same time it will be the last paper for pure science students. So, students will either take this  opportunity to study really hard for it or they might busy planning their post SPM activities. haha.

As for now, let’s do our best for it. This time, I would like to share the Analisis of State’s Trial Paper for Paper 2.


Analisis Kertas 2 Bahagian A



Analisis Kertas 2 Bahagian B


Just like paper 3, I’ve prepared a handout for Kertas 2 Bahagian B that can be used as Latihan Pecutan Akhir.  It was prepared based on the analysis, but there are few topics that are not included.

Click on the following to download it,


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Tr. Rez

Soalan Ramalan SPM 2015 – Biologi Kertas 3

Assalamualaikum & Hello everybody !!

So as promised here is the Soalan Ramalan for this year. It was prepared with reference to the Analisa Topik Mengikut Dalam Peperiksaan Percubaan Biologi shared by another teacher from other schools.

Soalan Ramalan Kertas 3

Based on the analysis done, the topic predicted to come out this year are from Chapter 7: Respiration (aerobic respiration in yeast), Chapter 8: Endangered Ecosystem (Capture, Mark, Release & Recapture technique) and Chapter 10: Transport (Transpiration)

So, I’ve prepared a simple ‘handouts’ that might be useful to you in doing your final revision for Paper 3. But please bear in mind that this is only ‘Ramalan’ and you can’t depend 100% on it. To download the handout, please click on the following.

Soalan Ramalan SPM 2015 Biologi Kertas 3

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Perlis & Johor Trial Papers

Assalamualaikum & Hello everybody.

It’s been a while since the last time I post something here. Well, just like other teachers the end of academics year was a very busy time for us. As for me, I’ve been busy with marking student’s examination paper and some school programmes.

Now that the 2015 academic year had officially ended, I will have more time to focus on updating this website.

For all form 4 students Happy Holidays!!


But for form 5 students, unfortunately,  you still got half way to go before you can enjoy your holidays.  So especially for you, I got more trial papers for you. Lol. This time, it’s from Perlis and Perlis. As usual, please click on the following link:

Currently, I’m working on ‘Soalan Ramalan’ prepared based on the analysis of state trial papers. Will share it here once it is ready. Stay tuned k 🙂


Tr. Rez

Analisis Soalan Percubaan Negeri SPM 2015 (Biologi)

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Here is an analysis of state trial paper shared by a teacher who is a member of Cikgu Bio Malaysia Fb Group. The analysis consist of questions from MRSM, SBP, Kelantan, Kedah, Terengganu and Pahang.

By the way, if you still don’t have the Kelantan’s Trial Paper you can click on the following.

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Koleksi Soalan KBAT for SPM 2015

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So, what is the word most feared by SPM candidates this year ? Yes, you got it right!! KBAT! But good news everyone, here is a collection of KBAT questions for you. Special thanks to cikgu bio malaysia fb group for sharing all the questions.

If you want to download all the questions just click on the following link :

And you can also download the MRSM trial paper through the following link:


Tr. Rez 🙂

Paper 3 Revision Handouts : Formula 50/50 (Kertas 3) MRSM

Assalamualaikum and Hello everyone,

Here is a very useful handouts that will help students in answering Paper 3 questions.  I got it from Cikgu Bio Gombak Telegram group.


Formula Kertas 3

Formula 50/50 Kertas 3 MRSM


Please click on the following link to download it

Hope that it will be useful and good luck  🙂

Quick Revision on SPM Biology Calculations and Formulas

Assalamualaikum and Hello everyone,

There are only about 30 days left until SPM! Lub dub. Lub dub. I’m sure that right now all students already have their own revision strategies and are trying their best to get excellent results. And for the teachers, this is also the most critical time for us as we have to prepare our students for  one of the most important exams in their life.

Hence, to help students with their revision (Paper 1 to be specific), I’ve prepared a revision notes on formulas and equations for questions that requires some calculations and memorization of equations/formulas.


It can be downloaded through the following link:

I hope you will find this revision note useful.

Thank you.

P.S: To all Muslims, Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha 🙂

Latest Module – SPM Biology Excel Essay Module (Form 5)

Dear teachers and students,

Assamualaikum and Hi everyone,

Here is the latest module that can be downloaded through the following link.  This module focus on essay questions and it aims to help students excel their Paper 2. Just like the previous module, this module also consists of the previous years trial examinations paper complete with answer scheme.


Excel Essay Module Biology (Form 5)

Please click the following link to download :

p/s : I am sharing this module just for the benefits of biology students. No copyright infringement intended.

Thank you 🙂