Teacher, why is my poop green?

As a Biology teacher, students will ask you questions that they will never ask other teachers. Maybe this is because other teachers might find that the questions are gross or maybe they will misinterpret the students as being rude. But for me questions like why do we fart and should our poop sink or float, is quite normal. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not like I approved rudeness in my class, but I considered the questions as a scientific questions.

A few weeks ago, I was teaching the human digestive system to my form four students. And then they started to ask questions like why does our poop ‘berwarna-warni’ and how often should we go to the toilet? And the question goes on and on. Hahaha…

So how did I answer all the questions? Simple! I showed them an info-graphic that I found from the internet last year.  Here it is.


How well do you know your shit?

It is a very informative info-graphic right? And it can answer all the frequently asked questions about poop or faeces as we scientifically call it. I am so thankful to whoever that produced the info-graphic. It makes it easier for me to answer all those questions and the best part is we had a good laugh about it.  lol